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The key voice of the UK plant science industry - putting a fresh perspective on the essential role of crop protection in safeguarding our food supply, protecting the environment and improving our quality of life.

The Crop Protection Association (CPA) is made up of 23 member companies representing 96% of the UK market.

Our members develop and manufacture innovative products and agricultural technologies that help farmers grow healthy crops, protecting our food supply against the pests, weeds and diseases that would otherwise cause us to lose between 30-40% of our food.

As well as agriculture and horticulture our members also provide solutions for home and garden use, helping improve our lawns, vegetable plots and ornamentals; and for use in the amenity sector maintaining our transport and public infrastructure, from roads and railways, to parks, golf courses and sports grounds.

Details of our member companies can be found below:

Pesticides are one of the vital tools that help farmers grow healthy crops, protecting our food supply against yield losses and damage caused by weeds, diseases and insects.

Without pesticides, crop yields and quality would fall, many foodstuffs would be in short supply, and food prices would rise.

Garden care chemicals play an important role in creating and maintaining a garden as part of an integrated approach that considers alternative methods of pest, weed and disease control when appropriate.

The CPA Common Sense Gardening website provides simple information on how to use, store and dispose of garden care chemicals safely.


Driving the UK's economic growth through maintaining road and rail. Enhancing the places that matter to people: public spaces, urban areas and wildlife habitats. Supporting sports facilities and the sports economy.

For further information on the amenity sector and advice on best practice, please visit the Amenity Forum.

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