Response to Countryfile
On Sunday the 8th of November, Countryfile broadcast a segment on illegal and counterfeit pesticides. The Crop Protection Association (CPA) have issued the following statement in response.

CPA CEO Dave Bench said;

“The segment began by rightly highlighting the role that the responsible and considered use of plant protection products (PPPs) plays in ensuring a resilient supply of safe, affordable food. However, the focus on illegal and counterfeit products failed to offer any context on the scale of the problem and the steps farmers, spray operators, distributors, and our sector are taking to help guard against the risk from illegal and counterfeit PPPs.

“Whilst it is estimated that around 10% of PPPs on the EU market are illegal[i], the figure in the UK is estimated to be much lower. Our farmers and industry have worked together to establish stewardship schemes such as the Voluntary Initiative which promote best practice and responsible use of PPPs. The vast majority of farmers and spray operators are vigilant and only purchase legitimate products from licenced distributors, based on the advice of qualified, BASIS registered agronomists[ii].

“Produce grown in the UK is subject to some of the most rigorous residue testing[iii] in the world and as a result consumers and retailers should have confidence in the safety and quality of the food they are sourcing from UK growers.”

[i] European Commission, Ad-hoc study on the trade of illegal and counterfeit pesticides in the EU

[ii] Code of Practice for using Plant Protection Products

[iii] Expert Committee on Pesticide Residues in Food (PRiF)


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