CPA statement on "insectageddon" reports
The CPA has issued the following statement in response to the widespread coverage of a report published in Biological Conservation on insect decline.

CPA CEO Sarah Mukherjee said;

“This literature review provides no new evidence and seeks to blame modern productive agriculture for habitat loss whilst downplaying the role played by urbanisation, deforestation and population growth.

“Crop protection products play a fundamental role in ensuring land is as productive as possible, meaning more land can be left for nature and biodiversity. Moving to a less productive model of farming, as advocated in this report, would mean bringing more land into production, exacerbating the impacts on biodiversity and increasing habitat loss.

“As a recent study published in Nature concluded, modern productive agriculture is the best way to meet growing demand for safe, affordable food, whilst reducing agriculture’s environmental footprint and conserving biodiversity. Unfortunately, neither the Guardian nor the BBC appeared to deem that study worth of the same attention.”

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