CPA response to Environment Secretary speech at the NFU Conference
The Secretary of State for the Environment, Michael Gove gave a speech to the National Farmers Union today. The CPA have issued the following response.

CPA CEO Sarah Mukherjee said;

“We welcome the Environment Secretary’s vision for the future. Our industry is equally enthusiastic about the transformational potential of innovation in agricultural technologies. We’re on the verge of the fourth agricultural revolution, where science and technology will ensure a supply of safe, affordable food, whilst reducing our impact on the environment.

“However, whilst this revolution takes hold, we need to ensure that UK farmers and growers retain the tools they need to be able to continue to produce food sustainably and affordably.

“Even with the latest technology, there will be an essential role for chemistry for the foreseeable future. Unless government recognises this and ensures a science-based, predictable regulatory framework, it is unlikely that investment in the agri-tech necessary to realise this vision will come to the UK.”

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