Letter to the Sunday Times - Bees confused by safe weedkiller
Letter in response to Sunday Times article "Bees confused by 'safe' weedkiller".


I was amazed to read the article “Bees confused by ‘safe’ weedkiller”, Sunday Times, 18th Feb, which appeared to be your respected publication reporting on the work of a high-school student, rather than on studies in peer reviewed journals or those conducted by expert regulators. The article raised far more questions than it answered.

Glyphosate has been extensively tested in the laboratory and in the field to evaluate its potential impact on bees. The conclusions from all of these studies demonstrate that bees are not affected by glyphosate in realistic field scenarios.

Glyphosate is a product that supports safe, environmentally friendly farming, and is used in many agri-environmental schemes to protect wildlife. It has been approved by regulators across the globe - organisations that rightly take their duty to protect public health and the environment very seriously. It is a vital tool that farmers rely on to ensure a safe, affordable food supply.

Discussions around the use of pesticides are often divisive and attract controversy, and it would be nice if Mr Leake felt the need to report on these issues in a fair and balanced way. Unfortunately this ‘article’ fell well short of even the most basic standards of scientific reporting.

 Your Sincerely,

 Sarah Mukherjee

Chief Executive, Crop Protection Association

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