CPA statement on glyphosate litigation in the US

Glyphosate is, and always has been safe. The opinions of jury's in the various U.S litigation's does not change scientific fact.

As recently as May 2018 the European Food Safety Authority and the European Chemicals Agency, assessed glyphosate and ruled that it is safe for human health and the environment.

These are independent expert regulators who take their responsibility to public health incredibly seriously and apply the highest and most up to date scientific standards.

No regulatory agency in the world classifies glyphosate as a carcinogen. Indeed, 800 scientific studies have found no connection between glyphosate and cancer, as did the recently published Agricultural Health Study – the largest study ever conducted on the use of formulated pesticide products in the real world.

Claims that glyphosate is carcinogenic are based solely on IARC’s classification in 2015. IARC is not a regulatory body and has not done any independent studies of the weedkiller. IARC also classifies hot drinks, mobile phones, pickled vegetables and aloe vera as probable or possible carcinogens, all products we are quite capable of using and consuming in our day to day lives while managing any risk. Glyphosate is no different.

Far too many of us know just how awful a diagnosis of cancer can be and we would not in any way wish to diminish how terrible this must be for those suffering from this disease. However, those with an ideological opposition to pesticides should not use this case to further their agendas by misrepresenting the science.

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