The EU referendum and what it means for regulation and innovation in UK food and farming
What does the EU referendum mean for regulation and innovation in UK food and farming? That is the question being asked by the Crop Protection Association (CPA) at its Annual Convention on the 12th May 2016.

With the UK about to go to the polls on the question of its membership of the European Union, Owen Paterson MP, Sir James Paice, Guy Smith, Vice President of the National Farmers Union and Professor Huw Jones, Aberystwyth University, will take part in a panel session chaired by Alastair Driver, Farmers Guardian to consider the impact of our membership of the EU on regulation and innovation in UK food and farming. The panel will examine the approach to technology in European agricultural policy, and how innovation is helped or hindered by our membership of the EU.

Nick von Westenholz, CEO of the CPA said;

“We are delighted that the panel are able to join us to discuss this crucially important issue. Farming, more than any other sector, will be affected enormously by the outcome of June’s referendum and regulatory reform is a crucial aspect of the debate. Those urging us to remain in the EU must set out a clear path for improving the system in a reformed EU, and not simply argue that a UK outside the EU will nevertheless remain subject to the same burdensome regulations. Similarly, those campaigning for Brexit need to set out the mechanism for establishing a post-EU regulatory system that will promote the competiveness and productivity of UK farmers. These issues involve important questions that farmers will want to know the answer to.

“Whether in or out, UK farming would benefit from a regulatory environment that fosters innovation, incentivises the development and adoption of new technologies such as GM and advanced crop protection products, and promotes modern, productive farming. It is crucial that all sides of the referendum debate explain their vision for how this is achieved after June’s vote.”

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