Let's put a fresh perspective on pesticides says CPA
It’s time to put a fresh perspective on the essential role pesticides play in safeguarding our food supply, protecting the environment and improving our way of life.

That’s the message from the Crop Protection Association (CPA) with a new website, www.pesticidesinperspective.org.uk, aimed at providing the public with an introduction to crop protection – explaining the benefits of pesticides and why they’re safe for consumers and the environment.

Nick von Westenholz, CEO of the Crop Protection Association said:

“There’s a great deal of debate and misunderstanding about the use of pesticides in food production and in our environment more widely, and we hope this website will help overcome any confusion by helping people to understand why pesticides are used, what their benefits are and why they’re safe for consumers and the environment.

“Farmers will need to use every available technology – including pesticides – to help meet the challenge of feeding a global population set to reach 9.5 billion by 2050 while protecting the natural environment and conserving precious natural resources.

“I hope our new website reaches as wide an audience as possible. From the parent concerned about pesticide residues in food, to the primary school teacher giving a lesson on agriculture, through to the gardener concerned about bee health, we hope this site will be a valuable and informative resource.”

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