CPA statement - Neonicotinoid emergency use authorisation
It has been announced that the government has approved an emergency derogation for neonicotinoid treated seeds in limited parts of the country. The CPA has issued the following statement in response.

CPA CEO Nick von Westenholz said:

“Whilst we will wait to see the detail of the emergency use approval we are pleased to see that the government has recognised the important role these products play in controlling pests in oilseed rape by granting a derogation.

“Nevertheless, it is disappointing that, due to the late timing of the decision and the limitations of the derogation, many farmers will still be unable to access this vital technology and will continue to struggle to protect their crops this coming season.

“The CPA will continue to press for evidence-based regulation, rather than an over-precautionary approach which denies farmers the use of vital tools because of theoretical and unrealistic threats rather than actual risks.”

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