CPA calls on new government to support sustainable intensification through innovation
The Crop Protection Association (CPA) has called on the new Conservative government to pursue an agricultural and environmental policy that is committed to innovation and proper risk management if it is to realise its aim of supporting sustainable intensification in agriculture.

To achieve this the government will need to strike a balance that both protects and enhances our natural environment while increasing agricultural productivity.

This call was made at the CPA Annual Convention on Thursday 14th May as representatives of the crop protection industry along with a range of opinion formers, journalists, representatives from the food and farming industries and other stakeholders came together. They were joined by Professor Sir Mark Walport, Government Chief Scientific Adviser, as keynote speaker.

 Speaking at the Convention, Nick von Westenholz, CEO of the CPA said:

“The CPA is pleased to see the new government, in its manifesto, is committed to producing a 25 year vision for British farming, and has pledged to take a science led approach on GM crops and pesticides.

“A commitment to innovation through better regulation should also be at the heart of their approach. In responding to the challenge of food security, it will be innovation that allows us to both protect the environment and improve productivity over the coming decades.

“We recognise the need for regulation, but it must be effective, risk-based regulation that focuses on risk management, rather than risk avoidance, and on fostering innovation.

“Our industry now expects the government not only to place innovation at the heart of its food and wider industrial strategies, but also to demonstrate a progressive and enlightened leadership among other member states in Europe by taking a proportional approach to risk – one that, crucially, both protects consumers and the environment and fosters innovation.

“We are delighted to be joined by such a prestigious figure as Professor Sir Mark Walport and welcome his valuable insight into innovation and risk management.”

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