Common Sense Gardening Group statement on glyphosate licence extension
The CPA Common Sense Gardening Group has issued the following statement in response to the European Commission granting an 18 month extension to the licence of glyphosate.

Gary Philpotts, Chair of the Common Sense Gardening Group said:

“Gardeners will be relieved that they will continue to be able to purchase and use this safe, efficient and effective garden care chemical. However, it is disappointing that what should have been a routine re-authorisation process has become politicised, causing some to lose sight of the overwhelming weight of scientific evidence showing that glyphosate poses no risk to human health or the environment.

“Given that the extensive evaluation carried out by the relevant EU authorities, and over 40 years of robust scientific evidence has confirmed that glyphosate poses no risk to human health, the standard 15 year renewal should have been granted.

“Hopefully this 18 month extension will provide an opportunity for common sense and scientific evidence to prevail. Failure to re-licence glyphosate for the full 15 year term would be contrary to the science and remove a key tool which helps create and maintain a garden as part of an integrated approach that considers alternative methods of pest, weed, and disease control when appropriate.

“Human health and responsible use of garden care chemicals is and must always be our highest priority. As an industry we take pride in the detailed submissions we provide to regulators and the extreme rigor with which our products are assessed. Gardeners can feel confident when using glyphosate based products that they provide a highly effective and safe solution to weed problems at home.”

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