Advice on disposal of garden care chemicals
This bank holiday weekend many of us will start reaching for garden care chemicals to help get rid of unwanted weeds, pests and diseases. It’s a good time to check the garden shed and think about the products you need to buy and disposing of any you no longer need.

Once you’ve decided what you need to dispose of, the Common Sense Gardening Group of the Crop Protection Association offer advice on how to dispose of garden care chemicals safely:

  • Never dispose of unwanted product in drains, sinks, lavatories, watercourses or ditches.
  • If you do have unwanted garden care chemicals you will need to dispose of them through the local waste authority. To find your nearest household waste site where garden care chemicals can be disposed of go to
  • If you have empty ready to use containers, these can now be placed in household recycling. If these containers have held concentrated product (i.e. requiring dilution for use) then the container should be rinsed three times, adding the washings to your final spray solution and then disposed of in general household waste. Containers that have held concentrated product are not suitable for recycling.

Gary Philpotts, Chair of the Common Sense Gardening Group said:

“Spring is an exciting time of year for gardeners as they venture back outside and begin planting, fertilising and nurturing their garden, watching it come back to life.

“Garden care chemicals play an important part in creating and maintaining a garden and now is a good time to take stock of what products you have in the garden shed, decide what you need to buy and dispose of any you no longer need.

“If you do need to dispose of garden care chemicals then ensure you do so safely by following the advice on the Common Sense Gardening website.”

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