No justification for withdrawal of garden insecticides
The Crop Protection Association considers the decision of the European Commission to suspend the amateur use of products containing any one of three neonicotinoids - imidacloprid, thiamethoxam and clothiandin - unjustified.

"We believe this decision has been taken without the support of clear scientific evidence and given the minor use of these active ingredients by amateur gardeners the suspension would have no significant impact on bees," said David Evans of the Crop Protection Association Garden Group.

"The contribution of bees as pollinators of both crops and wildflowers is essential to the ecosystem and as an industry we take their health very seriously.  This is why our members have been investing heavily for many years to scientifically understand the real problems facing the bee population and the interaction and profile of our products.  We feel much of the research in this area has been ignored and much more research is required to understand the impact of the Varroa mite and other parasitic mites; bacterial, fungal and viral diseases; habitat loss and degradation; all of which are widely thought to have a much bigger impact on bee health compared to the amateur use of the three suspended neonicotinoids.   CPA member companies will now work with retailers to remove products in their portfolio that contain any of these active

David Evans of the Crop Protection Association Garden Group commented "We feel let down that the European Commission have chosen to go against the rigorous science-based regulatory process which is there to protect the health of people and the environment and have forced through proposals that are unsupported by the data as currently reviewed by the regulatory scientists'. 

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