Letter to the Daily Mail, 29 August 2013
CPA Chief Executive Nick von Westenholz sent the following letter to the Daily Mail in response to an article regarding pesticide residues.

Dear Sir

Your article today regarding pesticide residues in food suggests that a massive proportion of our everyday food is "contaminated" with pesticide. Notwithstanding that the study cited (by the anti-pesticide pressure group PAN UK) contradicts the government's own independent research, which shows around two-thirds of UK food contains no detectable presence of pesticides at all(PRiF Annual Report 2011), the presence of such residues in food is highly regulated to ensure that levels, where they do occur, are minimal and pose no threat to public health.

Trace pesticide residues in food are a normal consequence of the use by farmers and growers of these vital products. They pose no risk to public health, but instead allow consumers an affordable supply of safe and nutritious food. It would be a shame if consumers were to shun food that forms an important and healthy part of their diets because of alarmist and unfounded scare-stories.

Yours faithfully

Nick von Westenholz

Chief Executive

Crop Protection Association

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